F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Signs Interactive Rio 2016 Project for Skol


After six months in production, the official video clip for Skol Delegation, whose theme song is “Charriots of Fire” premieres on August 4. It could have been an ordinary film, but Skol, known for being an innovative brand, transcends the limits of Partying and put together a team to provide an unprecedented experience in the country.

The brand joined F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Google, AATOAA (Vincent Morisset’s production company) and DJ Omulu (who remixed the theme song), to combine art, entertainment and technology and launch a platform that, for the first time, allows for six videos to be simultaneously shown on the cell phone.

The mixed experience has the logic of a game and stars six members of the Skol Delegation, people who want to live the Olympic Games Rio 2016 as a great moment of celebration. By clicking on any of them, users trigger sounds and effects in the song that enter the beat giving it the user’s unique and personal touch. The idea is for characters to have fun until daybreak; thus, at the end, the three most clicked athletes watch the sunset on the beach and are awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Each interaction generates a specific result, and the project offers 36 different endings to the story.

“We want partying to go beyond Rio de Janeiro and everyone to enjoy the Olympic Games in a unique way. Those willing to do that, no matter where they are, will be part of the Skol Delegation. That’s why we launched a challenge for Google to create a single, interactive platform and provide unique fun at the palm of your hands,” says Bruna Buás, Manager for Olympics at Ambev.

For Theo Rocha, Creative Director of F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, “experimental projects such as this, which combine technology, music and creativity, are powerful allies when boosting the concept of a brand.”

Whether on the phone, at home or in Skol activations in Rio de Janeiro, the brand invites everyone to press ON and become part of the Skol Delegation.

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