Guinness Reinvents ‘Surfer’ Ad for ‘Quality’ Marketing Push

Diageo is pumping £34 million into the marketing of its Guinness brand over the next 12 months as part of a plan to boost its “quality” association.

The investment drive will be spearheaded by a new TV campaign, created by AMV BBDO, which will focus on the surge of the Guinness pint.

In echoes of its celebrated 1998 “Surfer” ad for the Guinness brand, AMV teamed up with acclaimed surf photographer Brian Bielman to “reinvent” the surge by shooting beneath Tahiti’s giant waves in Teahupoo.

Diageo told Marketing Magazine the new ad would “bring to life its power in a new and energetic way” and marked the “start of a permanent investment into quality from Guinness”.

The TV ad, which launches first week of September, forms part of a £12.7 million ad campaign across outdoor, cinema, digital and mobile.

Nicola Samons, marketing manager for Guinness Western Europe at Diageo, said: “Guinness will continue to drive value into this category and increase the visibility of premium beer in the on trade with this full through-the-line quality programme.”

guinness-surge-ad-campaign-brian-bielmann-1In-outlet support will run alongside this marketing activity with specific focus on the Guinness Quality Accreditation programme, which sees “Quality Executives” from Diageo visiting on-trade outlets to provide staff training on how to pour a perfect pint of Guinness. The accreditation programme will roll out to 18,000 on-trade outlets between September 2013 and June 2014, where accredited pubs will be rewarded with an accreditation plaque.

Kevin Bedford, Guinness quality director, said: “We know that consumers associate a quality pint with a quality pub and research has told us that 80% of male drinkers believe getting the quality of serve right is more important in draught beer than in any other drink category.”

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