Haribo Promote Their Reduced Sugar Recipe in New Ad by Quiet Storm

Following the recent introduction of the UK sugar tax, ​Haribo has flipped its continuing ‘Kids Voices’ campaign on its head by bringing in an adult-voiced young lad to promote its reduced sugar product.

Quiet Storm’s latest spot for the global confectioner begins with a group of adults – voiced by children – discussing the merits of Haribo’s Fruitilitious sweets.

A young boy in the lift interrupts the conversation to draw their attention to the sugar-lite ingredients, revealing his deep, northern and distinctly postpubescent tones in the process.

The 30-second ad closes with the famed Haribo jingle, highlighting how the new offering contains 30% less sugar.

Hayley Nixon, marketing manager at Haribo UK, said: “We know that fans of the brand are eagerly anticipating the next instalment of our ‘Kids’ Voices’ creative and they won’t be disappointed, especially with our new twist. Just like the taste and texture of our new sugar reduced Fruitilicious, this advert is just what you would expect from the Haribo brand.”

Tanya Faulkner, managing director at Quiet Storm, added: “Our new film takes place in a lift, one of the most mundane of situations where people rarely want to engage, and shows perfectly how ‘Haribo brings out the child inside’. After enjoying Haribo Fruitilicious each character lets out their happy, playful, even silly side.”

The sugar tax was brought into force last week (8 April) in a bid to reduce national obesity levels. Brands with high sugar formulations have responded with a wave of ‘healthy’ marketing, while some – such as Irn Bru and Lucozade – have reformulated their core products’ recipes.

Source: The Drum

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