Heineken Brazil Launches New Action Packed Campaign for Itubaína by Talent Marcel

Brazilians love Guaraná. It’s the local soft drink and for those who have grown up in Brazil, it has the taste of childhood.

Now Heineken Brazil is launching its new Itubaína Guaraná, and that’s where the campaign positioning comes from. It promises to remind grown-ups of long forgotten fun, something they might have lost contact with.

The film by Talent Marcel, made for digital and TV, shows a chase of office workers in chairs for the last bottle at the office that quickly gets out of control. It’s filled with Easter Eggs and hidden references of icons in pop culture. Specific versions were edited for each type of consumer, emphasising the scenes that appeal the most with different kinds of people.

“The whole campaign was thought out with the goal of offering our consumers an experience that goes beyond the soft drink,” says Bruna Fausto, marketing director of Itubaína at Heineken Brazil.

Source: The Drum

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