Hershey’s and Aktuellmix Tap Into Brazil’s Pop Culture to Launch New ‘Hold The Bar’ Campaign

How to leave the ‘gringo’ image behind and be part of the conversation in the Brazilian Internet? Owning it. Hershey’s related its chocolate bars to a popular expression used in one of the greatest hits of the 90’s in Brazilian music.

The slang “hold this bar” is the chorus off “Cheia de Manias,” by Luiz Carlos. Despite its huge success the song didn’t have a clip, so Hershey’s decided to create an official one in the rhythm of reggaetón. And proposed a challenge to find out who’s “the best bar holder in Brazil”: how long can someone hold the computer spacebar?

The website had hours of exclusive branded content and a prize in gold bars. The campaign was devised by creative agency Aktuellmix.

Source: Aktuellmix

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