Jordans Reclaims the Soul of Granola with New Positioning and Design

jordans-granola_pr-shot-approvedBreakfast cereal brand Jordans reveals the new packaging design for its iconic Granola range. Hitting the shelves this month, the original British Granola manufacturer tasked award-winning branding consultancy Coley Porter Bell to develop the new look.

Charged with bringing to life the brand’s proposition, Coley Porter Bell implemented its proprietary Visual Planning approach. Jordans wanted to build on its heritage and straightforward approach to making Granola with the best tasting natural ingredients, whilst keeping the brand essence of being no-nonsense.

The pack design features an updated version of the famous Jordans’ mill that has been used as a mark of quality assurance. The new pack also features a larger window, allowing consumers to see the delicious ingredients and showcasing the pride and confidence the brand has in their product.

Richard Clayton, Creative Director at Coley Porter Bell commented: “We are really thrilled to be working with a household favourite brand such as Jordans on its new positioning. Through our proprietary Visual Planning approach – that looks to engage the system one and system two of our brain through design – we hope to engage a whole new audience. Jordans really cares about its consumers and how its products are portrayed, which makes our partnership really enjoyable.”

Elliot Harris, Senior Brand Manager at Jordans adds: “The cereal and breakfast market is becoming increasingly crowded so we needed to take action to re-establish Jordans as a market leader in the wholesome sector. We want our consumers to continue being confident in our products – we are honest about the product and ingredients and want this to be reflected in the design. Coley Porter Bell has done a fantastic job of achieving this whilst conveying the classic Jordans feel throughout each flavour’s specific design.”

The range features Crunchy Oat Granola, Super Berry Granola, Simply Granola and Lighter Granola which are widely available across all the multiples and many independent grocers.

Source: Coley Porter Bell

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