Kellogg’s Asks Nicola Roberts, Katie Piper and Lisa Faulkner #WhatStrengthIs

15-2Kellogg’s has enlisted the expertise of ENVY and Isobar to deliver its inspiring new campaign, #WhatStrengthIs.

The campaign sees a star-studded cast of Nicola Roberts, Katie Piper and Lisa Faulkner, beamed up onto the LED screens in London Waterloo as they reveal what gives them strength. By celebrating the experiences of these high-profile, successful women, the socially-conscious campaign taps into the recent wave of ads that champion female empowerment.

image1Kellogg’s, who’s branding of Special K has long encouraged customers to be their best, harnesses social media for their latest campaign to engage customers in real time. Those who respond to the hashtag #WhatStrengthIs on Twitter on the day will have the opportunity to have their views shared with the public as the billboard will display live tweets.

ENVY was responsible for the offline edit, grade, audio, and online for the ambitious digital out-of-home campaign. image18On top of creating the complex deliverables for the big screen in Waterloo, the post-production house was also tasked with creating launch films that will feature on the Kellogg’s website.

Jason Farrow, Senior Flame Operator at ENVY, explains: “The unique digital out-of-home display has been an exciting challenge for us to work on. It was a big undertaking from a technical perspective as we had to consider how all the components would work with the unique shape and size of the digital screen. It’s been a real pleasure working on this campaign with Kellogg’s, and a great opportunity to add to our digital out-of-home repertoire at ENVY.”

#WhatStrengthIs launched on 13th October at Waterloo and online.

Source: ENVY

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