Lilydale’s New Campaign Leads the Way for Traceable Food Origins

Lilydale Free Range Chicken is giving Australians the opportunity to trace each pack of chicken back to farm it came from. This move is being supported by a communications campaign created with M&C Saatchi and Hidden Characters, conveying the farm trace capability.

LIL0169-3 Traceability 12.66x3.35 QMS 10pc_HR (1)New research reveals Australians want to know more about the origin of the food they’re consuming. Ninety-three per cent of Australians believe all food should communicate where their food was sourced and 71 per cent are interested in finding out more about the farms their meat was produced and cultivated.

The Food Traceability report, commissioned by Lilydale free range chicken, shows that animal welfare and food safety are the key drivers for consumers wanting to understand exactly where their food comes from.

LIL0169-1 Traceability PACK 1510x1010 Shopalite 33pc (1)Shane Gibson, creative director, M&C Saatchi said: “Lilydale has led the category since inception pushing and often exceeding industry standards. Given their history, it makes absolute sense that Lilydale lead with a response about provenance in a time when consumers are hungry for more information. Traceability is a confident display of the brand’s commitment to its product, which is sure to sit well with an increasingly involved customer.”

Anna Wesser, marketing manager, Lilydale said: “We’re proud of our home-grown produce so we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to trace their chicken right back to the very farm it was grown on to learn more about the farmer and origin.”

All Lilydale packaging now features a unique farm code providing consumers the chance to trace their chicken back to the farm it came from. The farmers featured on the packs are real Lilydale farmers dedicated to the welfare of the chicken.

The packaging also features a unique code that consumers can use to browse Lilydale farms to get a clear understanding of the quality of the food they’re consuming.

The campaign is supported by two 15″ TV spots featuring Lilydale farmers, a 15″ radio spot, out-of-home Shopalites, pre-rolls, on pack stickers and a unique website.

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