McDonald’s China Extend ‘Technology, is there for More than You Think’ Platform

McDonald’s is making an innovative change to China’s fast-food industry. The fast food giant launched its latest ‘Technology, is there for more than you think’ campaign, through a combination of online videos and in-store experience event, that bring McDonald’s latest concept an ‘Experience of The Future’ platform to life. Leo Burnett China, is the lead creative agency behind the campaign.

mcdonalds-china-2The 45-second online video shows a real McDonald’s customer, who is actually a professional Game Planner & Operator, ordering his choice of burger just the way he wants it at a Self Ordering Kiosk late at night.

The video highlights the outcome of some in-depth McDonald’s consumer insights. McDonald’s discovered that young consumers don’t like wasting time standing in queues, they love mobile pay and sometimes they would like to take their time thinking about what to order. So McDonald’s created Self Ordering Kiosks where customers can choose exactly what they want and customize their choice without feeling rushed. The service also includes options such as no ice in a drink, or less ice.

mcdonalds-china-3People might feel a little embarrassed changing an order they made at the last minute at the counter, but they won’t worry about changing an order at a Self Ordering Kiosks.

Christine Xu, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of McDonald’s, says, “McDonald’s is a modern, and highly progressive company. We are dedicated to continuous innovation, and providing convenient, customized, and welcoming dining experiences for our customers. We are a place where customers can experience the future of fast food dining. We pay close attention to our customers, to understand their needs and even discover some needs they haven’t realized they have yet! Then we figure out a solution to give them exactly what they want. Self Ordering Kiosks is just one step on this journey to the future.”

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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