Molson Coors Introduces New Campaign to Save the Great British Pub

Molson Coors UK&I has announced the launch of a brand new initiative to save the Great British Pub. ‘Putting The Great back into Great British Pubs and Clubs’ is a brand new cross discipline campaign from Molson Coors designed to provide practical, first hand support to pubs and clubs across the UK.

The Great British pub or club is being increasingly challenged by the rise of coffee shop culture and the one size fits all approach in large global chains. Molson Coors has introduced the Great British Pubs and Clubs campaign to challenge this growing trend and help Pubs and Clubs become the centre of their communities once again.

The campaign is designed to put the great back into Great British pubs and clubs and help outlets get more money behind the bar through a suite of resources. Support includes helping outlets stage customer events, maximising live sport occasions, on-site staff serve and quality training, advice on social media through to POS supplies, and consumer tasting and sampling kits.

Customers will be able to sign-up to the campaign via their Molson Coors account manager. Support options are flexible, with Molson Coors account managers working with each individual customer to assess, and respond to, their needs.

The Great British Pubs and Clubs campaign will also involve flagship activity where Molson Coors brands, including the UK’s number one beer, Carling, will help fund community projects linked to pubs and clubs all around the UK; from renovating local pub football team pitches to helping redecorate social club community centres – Molson Coors and its constituent brands will be helping pubs and clubs to once again become the hubs of their communities.

Martyn Cozens, Head of On-Premise at Molson Coors UK&I, explained: “We have developed our Great British Pubs and Clubs campaign to offer support to publicans up and down the UK and help them deliver great experiences for their customers to keep them coming back, time after time. We want to celebrate the unique qualities of UK pubs and clubs – those which make them such a valuable part of our society and a vital social setting that brings communities and friends together.”

Source: Molson Coors

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