New Johnnie Walker Campaign is an Epic Journey Through the Scottish Countryside

Archer’s Mark director Ian Derry helms the new Johnnie Walker campaign for Something Inc.

Tracing an epic journey through Scottish landscapes, the campaign, entitled ‘It’s What’s Inside’, explores the unique qualities of the iconic Johnnie Walker Blue Label and the new limited-edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen.

Something Inc teamed up with Archer’s Mark and Ian to create two epic new films for Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen; whiskies crafted with highly sought-after stocks from the long-closed Islay distillery of the same name.

The films explore how rare natural ingredients and breathtaking Scottish elements, combined with the craft of the brand’s master blender Jim Beveridge and his small team of passionate blenders, shape the remarkable depth of character of these whiskies.

Something Inc’s EP, Dan Pickard said: “Ian’s abilities as a filmmaker and his background as a stills photographer positioned him perfectly for this brief. We needed someone who could capture the drama of Scotland’s natural landscape but also bring the depth of flavour to life through stunning macro sequences. Ian’s creative response demonstrated a precise understanding of how to create visual impact at epic scale and in close-up detail, and how to juxtapose the two with dramatic effect in the edit.”

Derry has been riding on the crest of a wave since his debut short, Johanna: Under The Ice launched to global acclaim, racking up 30 million views on National Geographic’s website. Since then, he has created stunning, cinematic campaigns for Nike, Versace, Fitbit, Hugo Boss and LinkedIn.

Of this project, he said: “Our main challenge on this shoot was creating the right kind of visual mood and atmosphere when Islay was experiencing a record-breaking heat wave. But thanks to the efforts of producer Kirsty Lane, DOP Luke Jacobs and a tireless crew, we were able to adapt our schedule on the move and maximise the available conditions. This meant lots of early mornings and late nights and dispatching several simultaneous units to make sure we captured the very best light. Who’d have thought sun would be a problem in Scotland!”

This full campaign will consist of two hero films and several shorter edits, each of which focuses on an individual aspect of the Johnnie Walker journey, including: Origins, Craft, Flavour, Rarity and Occasion.

Source: Little Black Book

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