New Tanqueray Ad Announces that Seville has a Certified Pantone Colour

Pantone has recognised that ‘Sevilla has a special colour’: #FFAB60 has been certified as the colour of the Andalusian capital. The project for the search of this colour it has been developed by PS21 for the launch of the new gin ‘Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla’. The creative and strategic challenge was to emotionally connect the English gin brand with a Spanish city like Seville.

The launch strategy took its insight from the famous song by Los del Rio, called ‘Sevilla Tiene Un Colour Especial’ (Seville Has a Special Colour). Los del Rio, who also sang Macarena, never explained what Seville’s special colour was, so Tanqueray set about using technology to fill in the blank. The brand decided to find the colour identity of the city through a Big Data study and to give it to the city as a tribute.

PS21 created a heat map of the busiest areas of Seville with Google Street View, and then created an algorithm that was able to search the streets and extract colour information from each image. After analysing 10,000 images, 30 monuments and 1,000 streets and combining 600,000 hues, the algorithm gave the average colour of the city in hexadecimal form, #FFAB60.

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is produced with Seville oranges and orange blossoms. It has a citrus and fruity flavour that combines with the aroma of the four botanicals used on Tanqueray London Dry. The campaign prompted 150,000 interactions on social media and generated coverage in the wider media worth $603,000, amounting 82.5 million impressions.

Source: Little Black Book

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