Robot Food Creates Cadbury Amazebites Branding for Premier Foods

Amazebites_0006_Top DownPremier Foods wanted to launch a new Cadbury cake bites product. Robot Food already had a strong track record creating branding and packaging for Cadbury cakes, and helped to design a bold, boisterous brand in Amaze Bites with instant bite appeal.

An enticing combination of joy and sharing, the double-blended bites of brownie cake are aimed mainly at women, and come in three variants. Chocolate, chocolate orange and chocolate mint. Indulgent enough for a treat when the kids have gone to bed, the bites also needed to encourage sharing.

After exploring and researching a range of formats and propositions, Robot Food named the product and created the design and lively, compelling tone of voice. The name was a kind of ‘eureka!’ moment. When the team sat down to taste the product, someone shouted, “These taste amazing!” and the moment was seized upon and adapted to become Amaze Bites.

Simon Forster, Robot Food’s Creative Director, said, “The design is “packvertising” in its truest sense. Shelf-shout and irresistibility were important consideration points. So we created design that behaves like a poster, with a strong tone of voice that speaks ‘loudly’ and directly to consumers.”

Amazebites_0002_GroupKarmel Maletta, Innovation Controller at Premier Foods, loved the design, and said, “I’ve worked with different design agencies, and I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your creativity. I have really enjoyed working with the team.”

Premier Foods hold the license to produce Cadbury cakes for Mondelez International, and this exciting new product moves them closer to the core brand proposition of “Joy.” Amaze Bites have already had a good taste of success when Premier Foods pitched the brand to the ASDA’s ‘Dragons Den’ style innovation team, and won for the Best in New category.

The Asda senior team looks for exciting innovation to support. Amaze Bites was praised for the, “…Brilliant execution on the naming and packaging,” and has been rewarded with incremental in-store support for launch from early October. As well as ASDA, Amaze Bites will also launch in Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Coop and Ocado.


Amazebites_0001_Free The Joy

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