Savvy Helps Relaunch Britvic Lifting Spirits at Imbibe Live

Savvy are pulling out all the stops at Imbibe Live 2017, bringing interactive technology specifically designed for retail to promote the relaunch of the Britvic Lifting Spirits range in the on trade.

The technology dubbed ‘Perch’ unites physical products with digital content to create innovative engagement with shoppers. Perch acts as a dynamic product spotlight grabbing customers attention through motion sensor technology and animation whilst the content delivers a beautiful and engaging high definition experience.

With nearly 12,000 stakeholders from the leisure and licensed industry in attendance, Imbibe Live is the perfect platform to introduce Perch to the trade as a key feature of a bespoke G&T bar that allows consumers to tailor their drink, choosing their preferred gin, perfect mixer and ideal garnish.

Through Perch, visitors will learn how to not only pour the perfect serve but also to create and inspire more interesting and bespoke cocktails. It gives stakeholders the opportunity to explore the range and also provide a better understanding of the work Britvic are committed to within local communities, providing the consumer the opportunity to help raise funds for their local projects.

Customer interaction is what dictates the content, through lifting one of the three Britvic bottles, three different content states are triggered, ‘Discover the range’, ‘Discover the serves’ and ‘Discover the foundation’.

The key to the campaign is ensuring the content on the Perch unit inspires the customer to reappraise their choice of mixer and truly understand the award-winning quality and taste of the product versus other mixers in the market.

Kim Jacks Account Director at Savvy said: “We’re excited to see this launch in the sector as a first for Britvic and know that it can offer real added value to a channel that requires constant innovation and thinking to stay ahead of new everchanging trends.”

Source: Savvy 

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