Scorch London’s New Ads for Twinings Fuses Emotion, Humour and a Little Bit of Philosophy

Some of the most meaningful and important parts of our lives are everyday moments – when we choose to experience them from the right perspective.

But our increasingly busy lives make it difficult to see these moments for what they are.

This was the powerful creative message Scorch London helped Twinings portray in its new digital campaign, bringing to life the brand’s purpose and product truths in a way that resonates with social media audiences.

As the latest instalment of Twinings’ ‘The Natural Way To Colour Your Day’ campaign, the agency created a digital campaign with three powerful stories that fuse together emotion, humour and a little bit of philosophy. The campaign uses Scorch London’s sequential content model – deeply emotive content followed by the remarketing of more rational product messages, which went live across Facebook, Instagram and Unruly at the beginning of March.

The Problem

As a brand with such a rich heritage, Twinings faces a constant challenge of staying relevant to modern consumers. And, in order to achieve this, the brand needs to be continually evolving.

At the end of 2016, Twinings decided to invest close to £17m into its range of fruit, herbal and green teas, which included a complete redesign of its packaging.

To promote its revamped range, Twinings wanted to create an innovative digital campaign to work alongside its ATL activity for the “Natural Way to Colour Your Day” campaign.

Twinings knew its Infusions and Green Tea range, which has an array of health benefits, should be targeted towards women in their mid-30s with children who are also well-being aspirants. For them, life is fast and full on – yet fragile, and Twinings’ Infusions and Green Tea range can provide them with an easy and enjoyable way to feel good inside and out.

The Solution

Extensive strategic work by Scorch London identified many of the most meaningful and important parts of the target consumers’ lives are everyday moments – when they chose to experience them from the right perspective. But it isn’t always easy for them to prioritise these moments, or to recognise them for what they are.

The emotional response the agency wanted the creative idea to evoke was feelings of joyfulness and inspiration. Scorch also designed the campaign ecosystem to emotionally engage consumers on the brand and product role, and then to educate consumers on the product reasons to believe (RTBs) – 100% natural and sugar-free.

The tea balloon idea personifies the brand’s view on the world and delivers a moment of transformation. The balloon ‘drops in’ to everyday situations, bringing a sense of heightened awareness and perspective to the viewers lives, relationships, and everyday moments.

Qualitative research validated the strength of the communication strategy and creative idea, with participants stating that it was an engaging and distinctive idea that addressed relevant and contemporary themes – leaving a meaningful and positive statement with the consumer about the role of the product and brand.

The digital campaign includes three 30-second launch films; three pieces of content designed to communicate the product RTBs; and two educational pieces of content to help consumers identify the right Twinings’ Infusions or Green Tea for them – each optimised specifically for Facebook, Instagram, and Unruly platforms.

Within each vignette we see an everyday situation transformed into a more meaningful moment through a sip of Twinings’ Infusions or Green Tea, with relevant emotive messages such as “You can’t hold on to time, so maybe just let go instead” and “When you stop and look, you might see what matters more.”

By inspiring consumers to find more meaning in their own everyday lives, the campaign represents the brand’s voice and also brings to life the role of the natural ingredients in the Infusions and Green Tea range – successfully delivering an engaging and thought-provoking campaign.

Source: Scorch London

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