Slice Design Brands New Plant-Based Brand Qwrkee to Shake up the Vegan Snacking Market

New UK plant-based food and drink brand Qwrkee have launched an exciting range of products including Vegan Jerky, Puffs and Pea M’lk.

Qwrkee are on a mission to bring you plant-based, tasty and nutritious snacks without any compromise! They believe in doing things a little differently, so all products in the range offer significant nutritional benefits and have a Qwrkee twist.

Part of the range are Qwrkee’s Puffs, the world’s first probiotic snack with over 1 billion live bio-cultures. These gluten free Puffs come in a variety of flavours including beetroot, vegan cheese, cauliflower and sweet chilli.

In the range you can also find Qwrkee Pea M’lk which is made from the purest pea protein with a creamy smooth texture and is as nutritious as dairy milk. Last but not least, Qwrkee Jerky is a delicious soy protein snack with a texture to match meat. Available in smoked maple bacon, smoked black pepper, sweet and spicy BBQ and sriracha hot chilli, there will be something to delight your taste buds!

In order to create the pack designs for this innovative new range, Qwrkee sought the help of London based studio, Slice Design. They were tasked with bringing the pack design to life, creating a robust architecture that can span a wide range of products and developing exciting branding that jumps off the shelf and spreads the Qwrkee message.

Miguel Uribe, UK grocery buyer at Whole Foods Market, said: “We are always on the lookout for new and unique products for our customers, and Qwrkee is certainly delivers. Pea M’lk is tipped as one of the top new trends for 2019, as we see more people looking for milk alternatives that do not compromise on the nutritional benefits. We can’t wait to add them to our growing portfolio.”

Qwrkee recently won ‘Best new special diet product’ and ‘Best new snack product’ in the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2019. They are also a finalist in the World Food Innovation Awards 2019.

Alan Gilbody at Slice Design Limited helped to explain some of the design features on pack: “Key for us was to create strong brand equity that becomes a beacon a shelf and shakes up the snacking market with universal appeal. The pack design balances great taste as well as the multitude of nutritional benefits which are highlighted by eye catching iconography.”

Qwrkee’s Founder, Vishal Madhu had this to say: “We founded Qwrkee with a clear mission: to help protect the planet by fuelling the plant-based movement, creating foods for the future. We’ve taken a lot of time to develop products that deliver on taste, nutritional quality and sustainability, while bringing something completely new to the market.”

Source: Slice Design

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