The Famous Grouse is Back in the Game as it Launches its Global Festive Campaign

One of the UK’s top whisky brands is back in the ‘game,’ as it launches a global advertising campaign that sees the return of its famous grouse.

Created by The Leith Agency, and set to air throughout the festive season, The Famous Grouse ad will target regular whisky drinkers across numerous channels at home and in international markets.

The film, which involved animators from Flaunt Production, centres around the whisky’s playful global brand icon, the famous grouse, who, like the whisky, is full of character.

Set in the bonnie highlands, the grouse glides smoothly through heather-carpeted hills. Forwards, backwards and side-to-side, the endearing grouse conquers the land in all directions and with surprising ease – given it is a bird with a top-heavy body proportion.

The reality of the bird’s movements becomes apparent when it finally reaches the loch-side. Rather than conquering the hills alone, the grouse has, in fact, jumped onto its own moving walkway in the form of the snake, upon which the bird sits quite happily.

The smoothness of the grouse’s movements mirrors the smoothness of the blended whisky and stays tune to the light-hearted nature of the brand.

Yvonne Whitehouse, global marketing manager at the Famous Grouse commented: “The Famous Grouse is a blended scotch enjoyed in 93 markets across the world. We stand apart not only because of our smooth, well-rounded flavour – but also our playful, unpretentious character. This new campaign brings both these elements to life in a very memorable way that will resonate well with our blended whisky loving audience.”

Richard Thomson, group account director at the Leith Agency said: “Distilling all the great qualities of The Famous Grouse down into one word is a constant challenge that we always relish. We know that our drinkers hate all the fuss and fanfare that usually accompanies whisky advertising, so this new campaign will cut through all that and hopefully raise a smile.”

Source: The Drum

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