This Way Up Provides a Vibrant Pack Design for New Fizzy Drinks Range by Danone

New L’mon, from the makers of Volvic (Danone Waters), taps into an ever-growing consumer health trend, with a zesty range of sparkling drinks produced in the UK.

Available in store now, the range comes in three uniquely blended citrus combinations – Lemon & Orange, Lemon & Lime and Lemon & Grapefruit.  Each recipe uses naturally sourced ingredients, combining at least 25% real fruit juice and British Spring Water. 

With no added sugar and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, each 330ml can of L’mon packs in all the taste of a traditional fizzy drink, without any of the nasties. 

David Pearman, Creative Director & Founding Partner, This Way Up, said, “L’mon is an incredibly refreshing drink that bursts with flavour. We teamed up with them to create a vibrant brand identity and pack design that would create real stand out in the category. The design brings to life the ingredients in a bold, colourful and iconic way.”

Jacqueline Lane, Senior Brand Manager for Volvic UK & Ireland (Danone Waters), said: “We created L’mon to be the delicious but health-conscious sparkling refreshment our consumers can truly enjoy.  This Way Up helped bring this proposition to life on pack through the use of bold colour to dial up taste, balanced with white to cue naturality. The pack features simple and compelling messaging as well as an engaging back-of-pack product story to showcase the brand’s lively and upbeat personality.”

Source: This Way Up

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