Weetabix returns to radio with new campaign for the airwaves

Weetabix, one of the UK’s leading breakfast cereal, is hitting the airwaves for the first time since 2014 in a bid to reach new audiences and remain front of mind in the dynamic breakfast sector.

There are two separate executions, entitled ‘Noah’ and ‘Rome’. Both adverts depict epic historic and biblical feats taking place, all powered by a bowl of Weetabix, playing on the famous ‘Have You Had Your Weetabix?’ messaging.

Weetabix is found in over 40% of UK households and 1.3bn bowls have been eaten in the past year. The radio adverts are part of a wider marketing strategy for the year ahead, with Weetabix aiming to triple its sizeable advertising investment between 2018 and 2020 across TV, radio and digital campaigns, with more activity to be unveiled in 2020.

The commercials will broadcast nationally in morning radio shows from October onwards, between 8-11am, actively targeting consumers during their morning routine. 

“We are a big believer in the power of TV advertising to showcase our story about the advantage you get from eating Weetabix. We’ve decided to bolster this investment through a return to radio, which we think is an exciting way to extend the reach of our advertising into more audiences. Breakfast is a fast-moving and dynamic environment and whilst people are eating more breakfasts than in previous years, the category is also more fragmented than ever.  Reaching consumers during their morning routine with a relevant and entertaining message from the nation’s favourite breakfast brand, feels right,” said Francesca Theokli, Marketing Director, Weetabix Food Company.

“Our marketing strategy for the year ahead is to build scale through extending our buyer base. We are excited about our largest brand marketing programme in many years, allowing us to land fresh, new ways to earn the attention of the nation!”

Source: Weetabix

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