World’s Most Expensive Jar of Marmite Up for Grabs in AR Competition

Unilever has created an 18 carat gold-plated jar of Marmite worth £1,500, which will be the top prize in an augmented reality treasure hunt competition.

The brand has teamed up with AR treasure hunt app Snatch, which it bought a stake in this time last year, to launch the free-to-play smartphone game.

Participants can download and use Snatch to hunt for Marmite icons on a map. Upon finding an icon, a mini-game is launched, with a virtual Marmite jar erupting from the floor on a plinth.

The player is asked whether they were “born a lover” or “born a hater”. Upon answering, they will be awarded a randomly selected prize, which could be a personalised jar of Marmite or the single edition golden jar itself.

The jar, which has been dipped in 18-carat gold and features engraved branding, was valued at £1,500 by Boningtons Auction House.

For Marmite obsessives not lucky enough to win, a limited edition jar with an 18-carat gold lid can be bought made-to-order for £145 at It was developed in conjunction with the Engravers Guild of London.

Kate Taylor Tett, Snatch’s head of UK marketing, said: “AR provides a new way to interact with consumers. The immersive tech draws players in with a heightened level of interactivity which was previously unavailable to phones – it is a great way for brands to increase their engagement with potential customers.”

The competition, which runs until February 11, is part of Marmite’s “Gene project” campaign.

Source: Campaign Live

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