Wunderman Manila Launches “Share a Magical Moment” Push for Peter Pan Peanut Butter

In recognition that today’s working parents are increasingly running out of time to spend with their children, Wunderman, a leading global digital agency, has announced the launch of a new Christmas campaign, “Share a Magical Moment” for ConAgra BrandsPeter Pan Peanut Butter.

An iconic brand that has been loved by generations, the agency decided to build on this theme and created the campaign to encourage parents to get involved in their child’s life and revisit the simple joy of their childhood through the simplest of actions – enjoying the pure goodness of the peanut butter as a family together.

Kick starting the launch is a digital campaign in the Philippines that centres around meaningful family moments with two children having an adventure in an eye-popping, magical world. This 60-second video strikes an emotional chord in moms who may be wondering if their kids still enjoy the same things they did as a child. The campaign continues this narrative on social media as Peter Pan Peanut Butter invites parents to create magical moments with everyday situations with their children.

Cathy Castro, Asia Regional Marketing Manager at ConAgra Brands says, “We are really excited about this relaunch. We felt this first spot needed to recapture what the brand stands for — a wholesome, comforting taste that can bring families together. That’s magic of the most real kind. Knowing that your kids want to spend time with you and that you can make that time together really memorable in the simplest way – that’s magic.”

“It’s a much more complex marketing landscape now than when Peter Pan Peanut Butter was first put on the grocery shelves. But that same brand essence called for the strategy: warm the hearts of children all ages, with magic,” says Apple Castillo, General Manager of Wunderman.

Looks like Peter Pan Peanut Butter will have more magical moments in store for us.

Source: Wunderman

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