Ziggurat Brands Gives Old Speckled Hen a ‘Refreshing’ New Look

Old Speckled Hen, one of the UK’s number one premium ale, is freshening its iconic beer with new branding developed by Ziggurat, Greene King’s long-term strategic brand partner.

The new branding updates Hen’s image while cherishing its famous Morland roots. The unique octagon and brand name have been retained, but the sleeker typeface and silver edging give it a modern twist – while ‘distinctive English Pale Ale’ will reward those of a ‘curious nature’ with a full toffee malt flavour ale, a contrast to some of the challenging hop forward beers in the market. 

In keeping with growing consumer demand for cold but full-flavoured beer, the bold identity amplifies ‘refreshment cues,’ with a new proposition to serve the beer chilled. 

“90% of Old Speckled Hen is enjoyed cool and carbonated, either at home, in bottle or can format or as a keg beer in the pub” says Matt Starbuck, Managing Director, Greene King Brewing & Brands. “We’ve introduced the new branding to reflect this, giving it a fresher, cleaner and more contemporary look. So often consumers think they either have to opt for flavour or refreshment, with little option for both at the same time. Old Speckled Hen delivers on both, as a beer that is best enjoyed cold yet packed with malty characteristics. Light on hops, but full on malt, it is moreishly drinkable.”

Brett Goldhawk, Managing Partner at Ziggurat says, “It was a pleasure to help revitalise one of the UK’s most loved beer brands. The team at Greene King are awesome partners, fully embracing the co-creative nature of this redesign and helping us to create fresh branding for Britain’s Standout Beer.”

David Spencer, Marketing Controller, Old Speckled Hen added, “Hen’s opportunity is to engage a broader set of drinkers with its unique and delicious character – and to challenge the misleading stereotypes about ale. I’m delighted with Ziggurat’s response to our brief. The new branding cherishes our heritage but freshens and modernises the brand, so that we send the right signals to adventurous beer drinkers.”

Source: Ziggurat

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