Asda Launches First Taste of James Martin Partnership

Following the announcement of Asda and James Martin’s collaboration in April, Coronation Street viewers will get their first taste of the partnership on June 8.

Barbeque is a 40-second spot that launches four summer-themed adverts that will be released in quick succession over the coming month. It sees James Martin enjoying a rare moment of garden relaxation that is suddenly curtailed by the arrival of an Asda mum’s hungry kids and their friends. James comes to the rescue and finds himself preparing a BBQ banquet for her young son and his friends, her teenage daughter and friends, and an entire men’s football team! Before long the back garden is filled with family and friends enjoying an Asda feast featuring everything from Asda’s Extra Special steak, to James’ Cauliflower Couscous.

asda_stills.07Barbeque is swiftly followed by Bike Ride, which goes live on 16th June and involves James Martin coming to the rescue of a family on a day out who are bored with the same old sandwiches.

The advert marks the first creative outing of Saatchi & Saatchi for Asda, following the agency’s appointment in April. Directed by Jim Gilchrist at Outsider, the new creative is a platform to launch Martin’s series of recipes and hints that will provide UK families with meal inspiration perfect for every day of the week.

Andy Murray, Chief Customer Officer, Asda, said: “This marks the beginning of an exciting campaign that will emotionally engage with our customers through the power of human truths of family summer moments. James is a natural fit for Asda and it’s been great fun working with him to show exactly what Asda stands for, which is making it easy for people to enjoy great tasting, quality food no matter what their budget.

asda_stills.10“We know that summer is a really busy time for our customers, and it can also be challenging to come up with meal solutions at prices they can trust. James responds to this need, and his recipes and ideas will help to make this summer the best yet for our shoppers.”

The partnership – which will be promoted across multiple channels from TV to digital and in-store over the coming weeks, and sees James even feature on delivery van livery – will be supported by a fully integrated PR campaign. Following this, a second burst of activity will take the partnership through the key Christmas trading period and beyond.

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