Bud Light Fires Back at Miller Light, as ‘Cornterversy’ Spat Continues

The latest Bud Light efforts against Miller Lite start with ‘Imitation’, showing the King by the fire, acknowledging Miller Lite’s latest ad and lamenting that the rival brand never thanked him for delivering its vat of corn syrup.

“Look, if you’re this set on imitating our kingdom, may I suggest also imitating us by putting an ingredients label on your packaging?” he jabs.

Two other spots by Wieden+Kennedy, solidify Bud Light’s position against corn syrup. In ‘Imagine’ a court chemist tries to sell the King on a magical ‘preservative’ which he shoots down.

In ‘Royal Bath’ the King gets out of the bath and showers praise on Bud Light and its inclusion of four ingredients as he wanders around the chamber with only the crown on his head.

“In the real world, people want to know what’s in their beer. We hope MillerCoors is also planning to imitate us by adding ingredient labels to their packaging. It’s good for the consumer and the right thing for the beer industry too. Our focus on transparency has always been motivated by consumers, and Bud Light is going to continue to push transparency forward and give them what they demand,” said VP of Marketing for Bud Light, Andy Goeler.

Source: Anheuser-Busch InBev

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