Bulmers Launches Facebook Campaign to Highlight Apples’ Freshness

The UK’s No 1 Modern cider maker Bulmers and global social media agency We Are Social will launch a Facebook campaign this week, to remind fans about the fresh apples that are used to make Bulmers cider.


The Harvestimator, which launches this week on the Bulmers Facebook page, aims to extend Bulmers’ following on its social media channels and increase engagement with the brand’s Facebook fans. It will also introduce fans to Broome Farm, one of the many Herefordshire orchards where Bulmers sources its fresh apples.

The campaign revolves around the Bulmers Harvestimator, a bespoke Facebook app created by We Are Social. In a series of weekly competitions, a real apple tree from the Bulmers orchard will face pressure from various different conditions, from wind and rain to being shaken by Hereford’s prize winning all-natural strongman. Using the Harvestimator, Bulmers’ fans will be challenged to guess how many kilos of apples will fall off the tree.

Those who register their estimate on the Harvestimator will be automatically entered into a draw to win exclusive Bulmers merchandise, from branded clothing to the latest Bulmers Cider products.

Round one will kick off this week, with fans being asked how they think a Bulmers apple tree will fare against a tug-o-war team. On Friday afternoon, entries will close and a video will be uploaded onto the Bulmers Facebook page revealing the week’s results.

As part of the campaign, Bulmers and We Are Social have created video content which fans will be able to play from the Bulmers Facebook page. The first video launches the campaign introducing Broome Farm, while later videos will reveal the outcome of each week’s competition.

BulmersThe campaign runs for four weeks.

Michael Gillane, Brand Director, from Bulmers, said: “The Harvestimator is fun, interactive and fits perfectly with the Bulmers brand, giving us a chance to celebrate the harvest whilst bringing our consumers closer to the Bulmers brand. We have a loyal and enthusiastic group of fans on Facebook, and we hope the Harvestimator will keep them entertained, as well as attracting new interest in our social channels.”

Seb Robert, senior account director at We Are Social, said: “We got excited by the idea of bringing the apple harvest to life after witnessing it first time in Hereford last year. People can often forget how many apples are actually used to make Bulmers cider, and we felt this idea captured that feeling in a fun way. We hope Bulmers’ fans have a much fun playing it as we had making it! We’re looking forward to seeing the how close people get to guessing the correct results over the next few weeks.”

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