Coors Light Introduces Smart Tap to Reward People When Bud Light Airs Negative Ads

The beer feuds between Bud Light and the MillerCoors brands keep heating up, and this time it’s Coors Light taking on its rival with a smart tap that rewards people when Bud Light airs or posts something negative.

Since the Super Bowl, Bud Light has coordinated its efforts to discredit Miller Lite and Coors Light for using corn syrup in their beers. Coors Light believes it’s time to turn the conversation back to what it says people really want — to drink beer without worrying about every ingredient — so the brand is looking to #RefreshTheConversation.

Just in time for college basketball’s biggest stage at March Madness, Coors Light is tapping technology to convert Bud Light’s misleading attacks into ice cold beer. Starting March 22, Coors Light will unveil the first smart beer tap fuelled by Bud Light negativity.

Dubbed ‘The Coors Light,’ the brand states that the tap will monitor for Bud Light’s activity on social- and broadcast-media channels in real time. During promotional periods when Bud Light attacks Coors Light, the smart beer tap will light up in bars across the country, signalling the next round of Coors Light is on the brand.

“Bud Light has been attacking us out of frustration for weeks now,” said Ryan Reis, vice-president of brand marketing, Coors Family of Brands. “We believe people just want to move on. So, we invented this smart beer tap that does the listening for them — and even better, turns Bud Light’s negativity into rounds of Coors Light on us.”

The smart beer tap will be lighting up in participating bars across the US starting March 22-23 in New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Omaha, and Las Vegas.

To further connect with drinkers across the US, Coors Light is also rolling out promotions in key accounts across the country. In those accounts, Coors Light will buy a round of beer every time a Bud Light ad plays on the on-premise TV screens.

Source: The Drum

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