New Data Analysis Uncovers Striking Differences Between Right TWIX and Left TWIX Fans

There comes a time in every chocolate fan’s life when they must make a profound choice: Left TWIX or Right TWIX? By utilising cutting-edge facial feature analysis and a survey questionnaire, TWIX has finally uncovered the fundamental differences between Left TWIX and Right TWIX fans.

The chocolate brand asked fans to ‘deSide’ if they were a Left TWIX lover or a Right TWIX fanatic as they analysed their physical features using facial recognition software and ultra-small cameras. Additionally, participants completed a questionnaire querying interests including everything from music and television preferences to clothing and socialising likes and dislikes.

The results revealed what we’ve always known: Left TWIX and Right TWIX fans have absolutely nothing in common. The majority (70%) of Left TWIX fans studied have dark hair, while a whopping 72% of Right TWIX fans are non-blonde. About half of Left TWIX fans prefer to stay in, while 50% of Right TWIX fans favour chilling at home. Do you prefer casual clothes? You’re probably a Left TWIX fan. On the other hand, our results show that most Right TWIX fans like low-key fashion.

“The rivalry between Left TWIX and Right TWIX fans pushed us to dig deeper to define their characteristics,” said Michelle Deignan, TWIX Brand Director, Mars Wrigley Confectionery. “The findings are crystal clear – TWIX fans are the same, but different, no matter which side you pick.”

To help share its findings, TWIX is launching a split-screen Instagram story, a first for the chocolate brand. The short and sweet social story clearly explains the differences between Left and Right TWIX lovers, encouraging fans to watch and pick a side. Additionally, the brand created a short video (above) showing how the research was conducted and explaining the differences between Left TWIX and Right TWIX fans.

Source: Mars, Incorporated

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