Pepsi and Happiness Saigon Turn Trash into an Opinion and Generate 2,500kg of Rubbish in Vietnam So Far

Due to many cultural factors the Vietnamese youth do not feel like they have a voice in cultural issues and decisions. This leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction for the most open and educated generation of Vietnam. However there is a new generation that has woken up, one that desires to have their voice heard.

Additionally, people in Vietnam don’t throw their trash in trash cans but out on the streets instead. As such Vietnamese youngsters are living in the world’s 4th largest contributor to marine plastic pollution globally.

Starting March 18, Global Recycling day, Pepsi and Happiness Saigon installed special bins in various youth locations in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Each bin was accompanied by a question about a hot topic of urban life, from environmental concerns to youth culture.

Questions such as; Is it acceptable to use English words when talking in Vietnamese? Do you feel judged because of your tattoos? Is society putting too much pressure on you? Is it okay to hug in public?

Agree or not, all consumers had to do is to put their trash into the “Yes” or “No” compartment, thus enabling the youth of Vietnam to raise their voice with their trash.

The “Raise Your Voice” project does not stop at a series of on-ground activations. Pepsi and Happiness built a digital home for the project showcasing real-time data; the results of votes from the bins are constantly updated in on the campaign website.

Ultimately, the percentual result of “YES”/”NO” vote is printed on the Pepsi PET bottle, creating sampling experiences in the areas of trash collection.

The bins received a very warm welcome from Vietnamese youngsters collecting over 2,500 kg of trash to date. Vietnamese agreed that thanks to the special bin from Pepsi, trash disposal is now a meaningful action: not only to establish a good habit, but also to let people speak their mind!

With such positive reviews from the public, Pepsi and Happiness are hoping to turn this pilot program into a large-scale campaign to further combat littering and help build a greener Vietnam, for the love of the planet.

Source: Happiness Saigon

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