Pepsi Max Takes Genius of Football Volley to Next Level with New Feat

athletes-launch-the-pepsi-max-‘volley-360’-14-HRCelebrating one of the most thrilling elements of the world’s biggest sport, Pepsi MAX launches “Volley 360” – an unexpected take on the genius of the football volley. Pepsi MAX has assembled a diverse mix of athletes to put an original stamp on the move for a truly genius feat that will excite and amaze football fans and players alike in the build-up to the UEFA Champions League Final.

As the ultimate moment of excitement for fans, a perfectly-executed volley is a mark of players’ genius and a source of thrill in the game. A brand steeped in football, Pepsi MAX challenged semi-pros, freestylers, parkour experts and gymnasts to daringly enter a custom circular pitch to take on the ball – which could come from any angle, at any speed, at any time.

Showcasing a dazzling array of skill and agility to score the most extreme goals, this unique contest brings the qualities behind the genius of a volley to the fore – speed, athleticism and ingenuity – with a spectacular results:

“Widely regarded as a mark of outstanding footballing talent, the volley has provided many jaw-dropping moments in the UEFA Champions League history from many of the sport’s most legendary players,” said Mauro Ribo, Pepsi Marketing Director, PepsiCo Western Europe. “The Pepsi MAX ‘Volley 360’ celebrates and elevates this genius feat as we look to excite fans and charge their passion leading into the most watched annual sporting event in the world, the UEFA Champions League Final.”

athletes-launch-the-pepsi-max-‘volley-360’-11-HRPeter Willems, UEFA’s Head of Marketing Activities & Sponsorship, commented, “Recognised by football fans across the world as an unparalleled mark of footballing virtuosity, the volley is the ultimate thrill during a match. The UEFA Champions League has been home to many of the most lauded volleys in football history and we are excited that Pepsi MAX has chosen to celebrate this moment of genius with our fans through the Pepsi MAX ‘Volley 360.’”

The Pepsi MAX “Volley 360” feat builds upon the PepsiCo partnership with the UEFA Champions League. PepsiCo initially joined forces with the UEFA Champions League in 2015, announcing a partnership with the prestigious European club football tournament where Lay’s, Gatorade and Pepsi MAX / Pepsi serve as the organization’s lead brands for its activation around the competition.

athletes-launch-the-pepsi-max-‘volley-360’-11-HRPepsi MAX will excite fans making the trip of a lifetime to Milan for the UEFA Champions League Final with a chance to experience the ultimate volley challenge. Supporters will be able to enter the Pepsi MAX Maximum Football arena (from Thursday 26th May – Sunday 29th May at Piazza Castello) to perform perfect volleys whilst being challenged by light, noise and environmental obstacles. The daring fans will then be able to share real-time or slow motion videos of their efforts on social networks with #maxfootball.

Those visiting the Pepsi MAX stand at the UEFA Champions League Festival will be able to enjoy the ultimate mixology experience at the ‘Maximum Taste’ bar where fans will be able to soak in the atmosphere whilst enjoying refreshing cocktails. The party continues in Milan’s iconic Piazza del Duomo where Pepsi MAX brings fans memorable music performances, including the legendary DJ Benny Benassi.


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