Snickers and BBDO New York Call People ‘Jerks’ then Apologise in Introduction of New Flavours

Snickers is taking its ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ platform to a new level, with a surly print ad that calls its customers ‘jerks’. The resulting ‘apology’ then promotes the candy bar maker’s new flavours.

The campaign, created by BBDO New York, is being rolled out in two instalments. The first, which debuted last week, is a print ad that includes a message that was clearly delivered while someone was hungry – “Try New Espresso Snickers, Jerk!”

Phase two, which runs this week, includes print, digital video and social, and is a series of apologies to everyone who was offended by the original ad’s choice of words, blaming their irritability on hunger.

In a 60-second spot, a Snickers spokesperson apologises for the ad’s tone. His mea culpa includes “when we ran this print ad to let you know about new Espresso Snickers, admittedly, we were hungry.

“Cut to a call centre, where a customer service rep apologises to a woman for the company, stating: “Please apologise to your son for us. We didn’t mean to upset him on his birthday.”

The spokesperson comes back on to ask customers to look past the indiscretion and try the new flavour variations: Salty & Sweet, Espresso and Fiery.

Supporting this flavour launch is an integrated campaign including print, digital/online video and social elements within the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” brand platform.

The work includes Snickers Hunger Bars – packaging that reflects the different symptoms of hunger, like the aforementioned “Irritable” and “Wimpy.”

Source: The Drum

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