The Sixth Edition of the Badger Rare Beasts of Dorset Collection Launched with BrandOpus

BrandOpus is excited to announce the launch of the Mysterious Mer-Chicken, the sixth edition of the Rare Beasts of Dorset collection from Badger Ales. The Mer-Chicken ale is the newest addition to the range and is brewed exclusively to celebrate Hall and Woodhouses’ Founders Day.

Since 2012 BrandOpus has worked with Badger to launch limited edition brews based around Dorset folklore tales. Each year the Master Brewer brews a special ale to celebrate the founding of the brewery, each brew is unique and is brought to life with an appropriate beast. This year’s Saison style pale ale is infused with basil and fresh herbs and is represented by the mysterious Mer-Chicken.

The Mer-Chicken is one of the stranger folk tales to come out of Dorset, that of a giant chicken with a red beard and a mermaid’s tale who emerges once a year to crow four times to each point of the compass before disappearing beneath the waves. Much like this rare beast, the Saison style brew is unique and distinctive.

The history and lore of the Dorset coast continues to inspire and intrigue and with the amount of legends and beasts to be found, there is sure to be many more years of Rare Beast Ales.

Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Officer at BrandOpus says, “Every year we look forward to delving into the legends of the Dorset coast to pair with the tasting notes of each year’s brew. It’s one of our favourite ranges to design and the team gets involved gathering to hear the tales and of course to taste the final product.”

Source: BrandOpus

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