Baileys Tres Leches Launches with Latin American Inspired Design by Vault49

Brand design agency Vault49 unveiled its design for Baileys Tres Leches which launches in Mexico.

The New York agency took inspiration from the world of handcrafted Latin American desserts to create the new packaging design that also fuses vibrant regional decoration with marbled cream splashes to celebrate the iconic flavour of Tres Leches.

Leigh Chandler, Partner and Creative Director, Vault49, says: “Latin America has a rich and vibrant culture we were able to draw on and we were particularly inspired by the dedication to everything hand crafted. From dining chairs to pottery, the local markets are overflowing with vibrant decoration and their passion for creativity is very similar to our studio’s DNA. The Tres Leches design incorporates these provenance-inspired hand painted illustrations with fluid typography and marbled textures to evoke the deliciousness of the Baileys Tres Leches liquid.”

Source: Vault49

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