BBDO Vietnam Pairs 7UP with Seafood as a Ritual in New Summer Campaign

Leveraging on the fact that seafood dishes and lemon-lime go hand-in-hand, 7UP has been focusing their communications on pairing the brand with seafood since 2014.

To turn this common behaviour into a ritual where consumers would naturally choose 7UP Lemon-Lime to complement their favourite seafood meals, BBDO Vietnam and PepsiCo devised a summer campaign that delivered a simple and memorable message: “Seafood needs 7UP Lemon-Lime” everywhere and anywhere they would search, order and eat seafood.

The campaign kick-started with a series of quirky un-skippable YouTube bumper ads that reinforced this message, in comparison to other inseparable pairs of objects. The short videos were then combined into one clip and instantly broke the national record by being the #1 most-viewed YouTube Masthead in Vietnam, with almost 5million views in just one day.

It also proved to be popular on social media with KOLs generating their own parody content, while consumers even applied the campaign message “… just like seafood needs 7up Lemon-Lime” into their everyday life situations, generating huge online buzz.

The campaign message was reinforced with a second wave of tongue-in-cheek digital clips, where consumers, who ordered anything but 7up Lemon-Lime, got mysteriously slapped in the face – following a social trend, and integrating the brand into the local popular culture. With the help of celebrity Tran Thanh and his sense of humour, the 3 online clips quickly went viral, with the first one breaking another National record with over 4.7million views within just 24 hours.

Additionally, a catchy TVC helped to raise nationwide awareness, while the campaign was amplified via contextual online banners that popped up with relevant messages tailored to consumers’ geo-location as well as the websites they were on, while POS materials highlighted the Summer Limited Edition 7UP Cans.

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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