Hungry, Neymar Jr. Debuts his Musical Skills in New Snickers Promotion

Snickers, one of the most sold chocolates in the world, joins the soccer idol, Neymar Jr., for one of the brand largest activations in 2016. Starting from the social media, the action reiterates its global concept “you’re not you when you’re hungry” and shows how even one of the greatest athletes in the world can be transformed because of hunger.

With a lot of humour, the creative narrative for the action permeated one of the star’s passions, the music. In a video, Neymar Jr. launches himself as ‘singer’ with a funny performance and ‘out of tune’, clearly demonstrating that something was wrong, in a situation that could only have been caused by hunger.

1-neymar_tweet_neymarWith the new Neymar Jr. single circulating on social media, his friend and singer, Wesley Safadão, make fun about all the soccer player’s madness in launching himself as a singer. In a video, Safadão comments that the situation must have been caused by a hunger moment of his friend, and suggests that Neymar Jr. eats a Snickers, kills his hunger and leaves the music field to him, so Neymar Jr. could continue giving great shows only on the soccer fields – all in a joking and fun tone, as in a typical gathering of friends.

To reveal, on Facebook, it was all indeed a hunger moment, Neymar Jr. invites everyone to participate of the new promotion “Snickers Mata sua Fome de Bola” (Kill your soccer hunger).

4-neymar_fb_prints_neymar“With the promotion, we reiterate the Snickers approach with the entire soccer universe, with young and connected audience, and to materialize our global concept in an even funnier way: you´re not you when you´re hungry. Even being a music lover, Neymar Jr. showed in this action that he did not do so well facing this new challenge, reinforcing that his talent really is for soccer and that it was just a hunger moment”, says André Abreu, Marketing Manager of Mars Brazil to Snickers.

The promotion “Snickers Mata sua Fome de Bola” has activations also at the points of sale and it is valid throughout the national territory until October, 31st. Buying a Snickers (Original, 100 Calories, Almond or Pack with 6), the consumer registers the barcode with the invoice and automatically generates 1 lucky number to compete. Buying a Snickers 2 bars, the chances increase with 2 lucky numbers.

The action was developed in partnership among the agencies Bold, Almap BBDO, In Press Porter Novelli and Integer\Outpromo.

Source: Bold

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