McVitie’s Augmented Reality iKitten is the Sweeetest App Ever

United Biscuits has announced the launch of two brand new initiatives as part of its sweeet campaign; the latest ad in the iconic sweeet series and the McVitie’s iKitten app – the first digital initiative of its kind for Britain’s best-loved biscuit brand.

The new advert, an extension of the current two year campaign, has been created to support McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives – the nation’s favourite biscuits. The ad sees the return of the famous British Blue kittens – now also starring in the brand new McVitie’s iKitten app, an augmented reality app created in partnership with Grey London, which will enable consumers to create, personalise and share their own McVitie’s sweeet British Blue kitten via their mobile phone.

UB Sweet Biscuits Marketing Director, Sarah Heynen said: “After the fantastic response to our McVitie’s sweeet masterbrand campaign launched in 2014, we’ve decided to refresh the successful McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives advert by creating a new story, which continues to celebrate the everyday biscuit eating moment, made that little bit better with a Chocolate Digestive.”

CbnEipKWEAAy0wx“The kittens are back to evoke the same feeling and emotional response to that of eating a simple McVitie’s biscuit, and we’re excited to give everyone the opportunity to have their very own sweeet virtual kitten with the launch of the McVitie’s iKitten app.”

Both the app and the new ad are launched as part of another first for McVitie’s and the UK – the ‘sweeetest ever ad break’. Partnering with Channel 4’s creative solutions team, the new McVitie’s ad will premiere in what is being billed as the ‘sweeetest ever ad break’, featuring some of the most adorable stars from ads currently on British screens. The bespoke ad break, will air exclusively on Friday 19 February during the first episode of the new series of Gogglebox at 9:10pm on Channel 4.

The slot will begin with a co-branded 10 second ‘intro and outro’ that depict the McVitie’s kittens frolicking through a sea of the iconic C4 blocks. These elements were created especially for the campaign in conjunction with Channel 4’s in house creative team, 4Creative.

Danny Peace, Agency Principal at Channel 4 said: “It’s been great to work with McVitie’s on this innovative and highly collaborative partnership. The sweeetest ever ad break promises to be both entertaining and memorable and is a perfect example of how brands can work with Channel 4 to create unique creative for their campaigns.”

CblQ79_VAAA9CKhThe new 30 second ad set in student halls, follows the story of a nervous young man during his first day at university. As other students enter the room, he reaches for a packet of McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives found in his suitcase, a heart-warming surprise from mum to help him on his first day. As the packet is unwrapped to share with his new friends, the moment transforms to reveal a series of cute, snuggly British Blue kittens, set to the catchy theme tune of the 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop, Axel F.

The students and the audience are transported to a world of snuggly kittens for a split second, before they crunch into a Chocolate Digestive treat, and feel that chocolatey snuggle.

The creative behind the partnership has been created by McVitie’s in partnership with Channel 4 Sales’ in-house creative strategy PL4Y – a new, integrated, creative approach building on 4 Sales’ industry-leading reputation for innovative, creative solutions.

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